University of Windsor professor wins award for work on brain tumours

Lisa porter

University of Windsor biology professor Dr. Lisa Porter has earned the 2018 David Kelly Award for Community Service.

The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada gives out the award annually to an individual who exemplifies and demonstrates extraordinary support to the brain tumour community in Canada. Porter received the award at the foundation’s recent annual national conference.

“The community is an important part of our research team,” Porter said. “Patients and caregivers motivate us to keep pushing research forward and are often actively engaged in specific research projects.

“Students are the energy and hope for tomorrow and our community partners help ensure we have the funding and support necessary to do research. Together we can tackle these tough diseases.”

Porter is a principal investigator on projects and her research lab focuses on the study of cancer-related proteins and their role in the development of tumours.

Susan Marshall, CEO of the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, says the “power of hope” made Porter the perfect recipient.

“She believes that great discoveries require many minds and that elevating the work of others will benefit the brain tumour community,” Marshall said. “Dr. Porter’s dedication to her work, her students and to the brain tumour community inspires us all.”

Porter’s contributions to the brain tumour community can be felt by many across Canada — from clinicians and fellow researchers, to students and patients and families.

“We are all very proud of the award Dr. Porter has received,” said Chris Houser, the University of Windsor’s Dean of Science. “Her dedication and passion continue to be a positive influence on both the Faculty of Science and the University of Windsor.”

Source: The Windsor Star