Commercialization Research Associate

Rebecca Williams, PhD
Commercialization Research Associate
Office of Research and Innovation Services
Uwindsor Office: Room 317 CHT
Phone: ext. 3914

Rebecca completed her undergraduate degrees in Biology and Education at the University of Windsor.  Upon completion of her Bachelors, she pursed her interest in Molecular Ecology by completing her doctorate at the University of Windsor.   Her dissertation explored the genotoxic effects of pollutants in catfish populations in the Detroit River.  She was recently published in Aquatic Toxicology and is currently working on her second publication.   Rebecca also enjoys public speaking and competed at the Provincial level in a three-minute thesis competition (3MT) at Queen’s University in 2013. She is a motivated researcher and has a passion for teaching!

While pursuing her studies, Rebecca worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant where she instructed labs to undergraduates in the areas of Anatomy, Genetics and Introductory Molecular Biology. In addition to that, she was a S.T.E.P.S (Skills to Enhance Personal Success) coordinator which involved facilitating workshops to improve student success.   

As well as pursuing academic success, Rebecca likes to give back. Over the past few years she has volunteered for the Katelynn Bedard Bone Marrow Association and participated in the Relay for Life.