Our Mission

To establish Windsor-Essex as an international hub of cancer research excellence.

Our Vision

A united community bridging cutting edge research with world-class cancer care.

 Message from our Founding Directors

“Today, cancer patients live longer because of advancements stemming from research.  We are excited to build and strengthen our current clinical trials and clinical research program to better serve the patients of the Lake Erie-St. Clair region.  Windsor is unique in Ontario due to our close ties to the United States that are much more meaningful than just our physical proximity.  We will derive the full benefits of our Canadian and American medical system of research and treatment to enhance clinical research for the patients of Windsor Essex County.”

Caroline Hamm, M.D.
FRCP(C), WCRG Clinical Director

“The people of Windsor/Essex are among the most active and supportive in promoting growth in their region that I have encountered.  We have many talented professionals and students with fantastic ideas and we lie at the nexus of US and Canada, making us unique in our ability to actively interact and collaborate with US partners.  I am excited and honoured to be part of the movement dedicated to bring these strengths together and building a foundation of innovation and health care excellence right here in our community.”

Lisa Porter, Ph.D.
WCRG Translational Research Director