Medical Student Research Program

Funding Opportunities

There are funding opportunities for students at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry to conduct research. Funding opportunities can be found at the following link.

Note: SWORP funding is provided by Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry and the University of Windsor. All Supervisors should inform the necessary individuals at both institutions that they have students submitting applications including:

Tips for Submitting Applications:

  • Check what ethics procedures/forms need to be submitted with your application
  • Ensure you use the correct ethics forms, for secondary data analysis, less paper work is needed
  • After connecting with a potential Supervisor, set up a face-to-face meeting to discuss the details that need to be included in the application

Previously Funded Projects

Year Student Supervisor Research Focus
2015 Paul Dolinar Dr. Hirmiz Retrospective Chart Review of patients diagnosed with Rectal cancer and were treated at the Windsor Regional Cancer canter between 2002 and 2010; examining treatments and outcomes
2015 Chris Hillman Dr. Hamm Patients Emergency Room Attendance.  Motivations for Assessment.
2015 Ramen Nissan Dr. Hamm Development of MDS teaching module
2015 Paul Webb Dr. Jarrar ALL
2014 Sabrina Botsford Dr. Porter Relevance of the Tuberin-Cyclin B1 interaction in regulation cell size
2014 Christopher Langley Dr. Hamm ER visits Hematology
2014 Abdullah Nassar Dr. Kulkarni ER visits Breast Cancer
2013 Brad Waterman Dr. Kulkarni Head and Neck
2013 Michael Blaszak Dr. Ghafoor Pancreatic ca – collaboration with Ottawa
2013 Dina Sayegh Dr. Hamm CML
2013 Sapna Saggar Dr. Hamm Lymphoma
2012 Annurag Balla Dr.’s Hirmiz and Tarek Colorectal cancer databases
2012 Krystal Chan Dr. Hamm Follicular lymphoma
2012 Elizabeth Allen Dr. Yousuf A demographic study on prostate cancer presenting to the Windsor Regional Cancer Program from 1990-2012
2012 Pamathy Vivek Dr. Hamm Breast cancer
2012 Anurag Bhalla Dr. Kulkarni Lung cancer chart review
2012 Samantha Mathews Dr. Hamm Prostate cancer database
2012 Abhishek Jarwala Dr. Kanjeekal MDS chart review
2011 Guillaume & Vanssa Poliquin Dr. Hamm Development of Breast Cancer Data base 2000 – 2010
2009 Wesley Lai Dr. Hamm Neupogen vs Neulasta dataset
2009 Doreen Ezeife Dr. Hamm Neupogen vs Neulasta