Collaboration of local research and health care practitioners.

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Enhancing local community access to diagnostics, therapies, education and support.

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Think Tanks

The objective of the Think Tanks is to present and discuss cancer research topics of interest and identify collaborative teams that can work together to bring these projects forward for funding

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Dr. Donna Strickland, Canadian Physicist Wins Nobel Prize

“Please check out Professor Rangan and Physics Club President Layale Bazzi being interviewed on the CBC News, Tuesday October 2nd, about the significance of Dr. Donna Strickland (University of Waterloo) winning a 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics. They did a really great job explaining the impact that this award will have on Canadian Physics and […]

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UWindsor researchers hope to increase survivability of breast cancer patients

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death among women worldwide, largely due to the unpredictable ways in which the body responds to cancer treatment. A collaborative study at the University of Windsor is seeking to identify breast cancer survival rates for individuals undertaking hormone therapy, radiotherapy, or surgery. Doctoral student Ashraf Abou Tabl […]

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Network aims to match subjects to treatment trials

His extracurricular activities drew biology student Youshaa El-Abed into his latest venture: a start-up called Clinical Trial Network Inc., which hopes to help recruit subjects for biomedical research. “I spent most of my undergraduate working in professor Lisa Porter’s cancer research lab,” El-Abed says. “That led me to taking on the role as president of […]

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