Collaboration of local research and health care practitioners.

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Enhancing local community access to diagnostics, therapies, education and support.

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Think Tanks

The objective of the Think Tanks is to present and discuss cancer research topics of interest and identify collaborative teams that can work together to bring these projects forward for funding

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Project to explore control of cell growth by 24-hour timing

The human body constantly cycles through 24-hour changes in what is called the circadian rhythm, which dictates sleep patterns and wakefulness — and deep down at the cellular level, it tells stem cells when to grow and divide. Biology professor Phillip Karpowicz’s new project is looking at how this occurs, and whether it can affect […]

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False Internet claims about cancer cure trouble local oncologist

Exaggerated claims about the effectiveness of dandelion root as a cancer cure-all are frustrating the efforts of a local oncologist and a biochemist conducting legitimate research into the extract. As clinical director of the Windsor Cancer Research Group, Dr. Caroline Hamm fields emails and phone calls every week from patients who have been misled by […]

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