Collaboration of local research and health care practitioners.

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Enhancing local community access to diagnostics, therapies, education and support.

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Think Tanks

The objective of the Think Tanks is to present and discuss cancer research topics of interest and identify collaborative teams that can work together to bring these projects forward for funding

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Tragic story of Alberta student inspires University of Windsor brain tumour research

University of Windsor student Alex Rodzinka’s incentive to study brain tumours goes beyond funding from the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. He has the story of Taite Boomer, a University of Alberta business student who died of a brain tumour at age 20 in 2012. The research by Rodzinka and a handful of other university […]

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Tours to showcase research accomplishments for government officials

Visits to the UWindsor campus this month will serve to remind Canadian policy-makers about the critical role the University plays in important areas of research, and the need for support in its work to build a foundation for discovery and innovation. Chemistry professor Simon Rondeau-Gagné, one of the organizers of the tours, says they will […]

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Report details cancer group’s work to build collaborative research

The Windsor Cancer Research Group leads to a sharing of ideas, skills and resources, says Sindu Kanjeekal, a medical oncologist at Windsor Regional Hospital. “One of the great benefits of being part of the WCRG has been the opportunity for new relationships and collaboration with scientists at the University of Windsor,” she says. “This leads […]

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