Caroline Hamm, MD, FRCP(C), WCRG Clinical Director

Position: Medical Oncologist
Affiliation: Windsor Regional Cancer Program


Area of Expertise: Breast cancer, leukemia, lymphomas, and melanoma; clinical trials accrual

Brief Description of Research:

Dr. Caroline Hamm was a founding member of the Windsor Cancer Research Group (WCRG) and continues in her role as the Clinical Research Director. She has been the local principal investigator for over fifty trials that focus on breast cancer, hematological malignancies, and melanoma and has been the principal investigator of three investigator-initiated treatment trials, advancing translational research in the region through collaborative activities. She is known as a key collaborator on funded projects across the region and includes research in the Faculties of Science, Human Kinetics, Nursing, Social Work and Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Dr. Hamm is the Chair of Oncology for Windsor Oncology – Schulich, guiding academic excellence in the oncology community in Windsor. Additionally, she is the Complex Malignant Hematology lead in Windsor, leading the development of leukemia and stem cell transplant care. Her research interests include triple negative breast cancer, clinical trials accrual, malignant hematology and melanoma. In 2018, Dr. Hamm was the recipient of the Cancer Care Ontario Human Touch Award.

Selected Publications:

Chornenki, N.L.J., Hillis, C.M., Bence-Brucker, I., Busque, L., Hamm, C., Hasegawa, W., Lipton, J.H., Turner, R., Xenocostas, A., Kamel-Reid, S., Leber, B. (2018). The Predictive Value of Intracellular Imatinib Levels in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. Blood, 132(1), 4250.

McLaughlin, K., Stojcevski, A., Hussein, A., Woldie, I.L., Hamm, C. (2018). Trends in Vital Signs in Relation to Patient Outcomes During Induction Phase in Treatment of Acute Leukemia. Blood, 132(1), 5195.

Vacarescu, R.A., Slak, B., Maeva, A., Hamm, C., Lewoc, N., Daabous, A.T., Strumban, E., Maev, R.G. (2018). Investigation of a Correlation Between Taxane-Based Chemotherapy and the Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight of Human Fingernails. Skin Res Technol, 24 (1), 20-25.

Blaszak, M., El-Masri, M., Hirmiz, K., Mathews, J., Omar, A., Elfiki, T., Gupta, R., Hamm, C., Kanjeekal, S., Kay, A., Kulkarni, S., Ghafoor, A. (2017) Survival of Patients with Pancreatic Cancer Treated with Varied Modalities: A Single-Centre Study. Molecular Clinical Oncology, 6(4), 583-588.

Ferraiuolo, R.M., Tubman, J., Sinha, I., Hamm, C., Porter, L.A. (2017). The Cyclin-like Protein, SPY1, Regulates the ERα and ERK1/2 Pathways Promoting Tamoxifen Resistance. Oncotarget, 8(14) 23337-23352.

Gorey, K.M., Hamm, C., Luginaah, I.N., Zou, G., Holowaty, E.J. (2017). Breast Cancer Care in California and Ontario: Primary Care Protections Greatest Among the Most Socioeconomically Vulnerable Women Living in the Most Underserved Places. J Prim Care Community Health, 8 (3), 127-134.