Caroline Hamm, WCRG Clinical Director

Caroline Hamm, MD, FRCP(C)
WCRG Clinical Director
Clinician Researcher
Physician Lead Clinical Trials Group
Windsor Regional Cancer Program

Research Interests

1) Clinical Trials
Dr Hamm has been the local principal investigator for over fifty trials that focus on breast cancer, hematological malignancies, and melanoma.  She has been principal investigator of three investigator-initiated treatment trials.  One is currently enrolling patients, and another is slated to be open in late 2012.

2) Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Current research interests are the use of alternative chemotherapy (carboplatin) in the adjuvant setting in patients with triple negative breast cancer.  Dr. Hamm is also working concurrently with Dr. Lisa Porter, investigating the Spy-1 pathway in patients with triple negative breast cancer. This trial is currently accruing patients and is slated to open in another centre in Ontario.  She is also working with Dr Maher El-Masri in the area of triple negative breast cancer retrospective reviews, examining the outcomes of women with triple negative disease.

3) Role of Polio Kinase in Lymphoma
Dr Hamm has an ongoing project with Dr. John Hudson providing tumor samples and clinical correlates for his very exciting work in Polo1 kinase in lymphomas.

4) Dandelion Root Extract in Cancer Treatment
Dr. Hamm continues to work with Dr Sirayam Pandey on the use of Dandelion Root Extract in patients with refractory malignancies.  Dr. Pandey has found impressive results in this extract in the laboratory, and Dr. Hamm has written a clinical trial that will bring this into the patient treatment realm of therapy.  This trial is slated to be open in late 2012 and is currently being presented to Health Canada.

5) Transitioning Patients from Cancer Care Back to Primary Care
Dr. Hamm is the director of the Local Investigator Research Fund which hires seven summer students annually to perform local research with the LHIN 1 cancer specialists.  These students include medical students, science students, and mathematics graduates.  Current research interest is the experience of prostate, colorectal and follicular lymphoma patients after their radiation and chemotherapy is completed.  This retrospective study will help us in developing transitioning strategies to primary care for these patient groups.  This work can also be the background for necessary prospective trials in this area of health services research.

6) Development of Cancer Treatment Guidelines
Dr. Hamm serves as a member of the Cancer Care Ontario Systemic Guidelines Writing Groups for both Breast Cancer and Melanoma.  She has published in these areas as well, writing systematic reviews in melanoma and breast cancer treatments.  She is currently working on the use of MRI in preoperative assessment of the breast cancer patient.

7) Outcome-Based Epidemiological Studies of Breast and Colorectal Cancer
Dr. Hamm continues to publish with Dr. Kevin Gorey in the area of population based studies examining outcomes in people with breast cancer, and colorectal cancer.


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