John Trant, Ph.D.

Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Affiliation: University of Windsor



Twitter: @TrantTeam
Facebook: @TrantTeam
Reddit: TrantGroup

Areas of Expertise: Biopolymeric Materials and Bioorganic Synthesis

Brief Description of Research:

Dr. Trant and his team are primarily synthetic chemists who are driven by making natural and unnatural molecules in new and efficient ways. They also conduct studies in the area of computational chemistry to help them design new drugs, and in the area of supramolecular and polymer chemistry, to make new platforms for delivering these drugs.His research focuses on applying chemistry to biology. This includes working on anti-cancer vaccines, treatments for autoimmune diseases, targeted drug deliveries for chemotherapies and rational drug design using a combination of computational and experimental methods. Dr. Trant was recently awarded the 2019 Thieme Chemistry Journals Award as one of the world’s most promising new investigators in synthetic chemistry, a 2019 Early Researcher Award from the province of Ontario, and one of the inaugural 2019 New Frontiers Research Fund awards.

5 Select Publications:

Badilov, D., Rycek, L., Trant, J.F., Froese, J., Murphy, B., Hudlicky, T. (2018). Chemoenzymatic Approach to Tetrodotoxin: Synthesis of Fukuyama’s, Alonso’s, and Sato’s Advanced Intermediates. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57, 10994-10998.

Beyeh, N.K, Díez, I., Taimoory, S.M., Meister, D., Feig, A., Trant, J.F., Ras, R.H.A., Rissanen, K. (2018). High-Affinity and Selective Detection of Pyrophosphate in Water by a Resorcinarene Salt Receptor. Chemical Science 9, 1358-1367.

Meister, D., Taimoory, S.M., Trant, J.F. (2018). Synthetic Amino Acids for the Treatment of MHC Type II Diseases History and Perspectives. Peptide Science. Accepted Feb 16, 2018. Special issue celebrating 150 years of Canadian peptide science. 

Taimoory, S. M., Sadraei, S. I., Fayoumi, R., Nasri, S., Revington, M., Trant, J. F. (2018). Preparation and Characterization of a Small Library of Thermally-Labile End-Caps for Variable-Temperature Triggering of Self-Immolative PolymersJournal of Organic Chemistry 83, 4427-4440.

Sadraei, S. I., Reynolds, M. R., Trant, J.F. (2017) The Synthesis and Biological Characterization of Acetal-Free Mimics of the Tumour-Associated Carbohydrate Antigens. Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry 74, 137-237.

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