Josée Jarry, Ph.D.

Position: Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Affiliation: University of Windsor



Areas of Expertise: Ashtanga Yoga, Meditative practices, Body Image

Brief Description of Research:

Dr. Josée L. Jarry conducts research focused on the benefits of Ashtanga yoga for clinical and non-clinical populations. Her research recently has focused on breast cancer survivors. She began researching in this area due to the overwhelming number of breast cancer survivors who suffer from anxiety and depression, and develop nervous system and heart disease following chemotherapy treatment. Dr. Jarry works with collaborators in Kinesiology to address the psychological, nervous system, and cardiac health of women with breast cancer.

5 Select Publications:

Dignard, N., Jarry, J.L. (2019). The Body Appreciation Scale-2: Item interpretation and sensitivity to priming. Body Image: An International Journal of Research, 28, 16-24.

Barrington, J., and Jarry, J.L. (2018). Does Thought Suppression Mediate the Association Between Mindfulness and Body Satisfaction? Mindfulness 10 (4), 679-688.

Jarry, J.L., Chang, F.M., and La Civita, L. (2017). Ashtanga Yoga for Psychological Well-Being: Initial Effectiveness Study. Mindfulness. 8(5), 1269-1279.

O’ Driscoll, L.M., and Jarry, J.L. (2015). Interpersonal Rejection Results in Increased Appearance Satisfaction for Women Who Rely on Body Weight for Self-Worth. Body Image. 12, 36-43.

Jarry, J.L. (2010). Core Conflictual Relationship Theme- Guided Psychotherapy: Initial Effectiveness Study of a 16-Session Manualized Approach in a Sample of Six Patients. Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice. 83(4), 385-394.