Lisa Porter, Ph.D., WHI Executive Director

Position: Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences
Affiliation: University of Windsor



Area of Expertise: Cell cycle checkpoints in stem cell biology, the initiation/progression of disease and responsiveness to treatments; mouse & zebrafish genetics; patient xenograft & organoid model

Twitter: @L_Porterlabrats

Research Overview

Dr. Porter’s lab strives on understanding how cell cycle regulation mechanisms are altered to result in cancer development. Specifically, the focus is on how proteins become dysregulated causing rapid cell division and tumourigenesis . The proteins that are currently being studied are, Speedy (Spy-1) and tuberin. The first protein, Spy-1 interacts with cyclin dependent kinase complexes to bypass cell cycle checkpoints. When Spy-1 is overactive it can lead to damaged DNA being replicated and rapid cell division. Tuberin, on the other hand, forms a protein complex with hamartin, that acts as a tumour suppressor that plays a role in cell cycle regulation. When the genes that produce these proteins, TSC2 and TSC1 respectively, are mutated it changes the function of the complex, and can result in the formation of Tuberous Sclerosis. The hope of this research is to find potential protein targets that can be used in future cancer interventions.

5 Selected Publication:

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