Sindu Kanjeekal, MD, FRCP(C)


Sindu Kanjeekal, MD, FRCP(C)
Clinician Researcher
Windsor Regional Cancer Program

Dr Sindu Kanjeekal is fellow of the royal college of physicians and surgeons who graduated medical school from the university of Western Ontario and then obtained fellowship certification in Internal Medicine, Hematology (McMaster University) and Medical Oncology. She is also certified with the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Research Interests

1) Clinical Trials
Dr Kanjeekal’s clinical and research interests include multiple myeloma, myelodysplastic syndrome, lymphoma, colorectal cancer and testicular cancer She has been the primary local investigator in large, international clinical trials and currently is actively recruiting to two myeloma and one non-hodgkin’s lymphoma trial.

2) Role of Polo-like kinase enzymes in lymphoma and MDS
She is collaborating with Dr John Hudson in understanding the role of plk enzymes in MDS and lymphoma

3) Outcome based Epidemiological Studies of Colorectal Cancer
Dr Kanjeekal has collaborated with Dr Kevin Goery in his large very successful population based studies of colorectal cancer outcomes

4) Medical Education
Dr Kanjeekal provides lectures/ small group learning and clinical teaching to medical students and residents as a faculty member of the Schulich School of Medicine. She coordinates Oncology Grand Rounds at the WRCC which routinely hosts high quality local, national and international speakers

5) Provincial Guideline Development
Dr Kanjeekal is a member of the provincial GI and Hematology Disease Site Group and has been an author on multiple guideline documents including most recently the role of Lenalidomide in the Management of Multiple Myeloma (accepted for publication Current Oncology).

6) Transfusion Medicine
She is the regional representative of the Ontario Regional Blood Transfusion Network