Cures4Glioma (C4G) is a network designed to unite glioma researchers with the goal of accelerating discovery and making meaningful steps forward in the glioma field.


The short-term goals of the network are to:

  1. Establish a web portal listing the credentials and contacts for glioma researchers interested in collaboration and working toward shared resources.
  2. Bring together resources that can be shared among the glioma community with proper approvals (eg. tissues, databases, cell lines, animal models).
  3. Provide a hub for listing opportunities and upcoming events in the glioma field.
  4. Support training and research advancement through a blog site and social media avenues to rapidly share ideas and ask questions.

Long-Term we aim to:

  1. Provide a pipeline of shared resources, technology and expertise to accelerate promising avenues of glioma research.
  2. Increase funding opportunities and partnerships for glioma researchers.
  3. To provide trainee support and opportunities for the next generation of glioma researchers.


To find out more about C4G contact:    John Ronald (,  Matt Hebb ( or Lisa Porter (

To be added to the C4G contact members list contact Karen Metcalfe (