Meet Our Researchers

The C4G team brings together researchers from Canada, United States and Germany.

McMaster University

Sheila Singh

Robarts Research Institute

Robert Bartha

Ting Lee

Terry Peters

John Ronald (Cancer, Molecular Imaging, Reporter Genes, Synthetic Biology)

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Chris Heyn (Neuro-oncology, Radiology, MRI)

University of Alberta

Hyun-Joong Chung (Soft materials, Flexible electronics, Polymer nanocomposites)

University of Nottingham, UK

Stuart Smith (Neurosurgical drug delivery, tumour heterogeneity, and biological effects of therapeutic electrical fields)

University of Toronto, Sick Kids

Cynthia Hawkins

University of Windsor

Lisa Porter (Cancer Cell Biology; Drug Screening; Mouse, Zebrafish and organoid/cell culture models of cancer)

Simon Rondeau-Gagné

John Trant

Western University

Glenn Bauman (Radiotherapy, brain tumors, genitourinary tumors)

Barbara Fisher

Matthew Hebb

Joseph Megyesi

Susanne Schmid

Timothy Scholl

Keng Yeow Tay

Eugene Wong

Qi Zhang

Windsor Regional Hospital

Swati Kulkarni

Abdalla Shamisa

Ken Schneider

German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Germany

Frank Winkler

Henry Ford Health System

Stephen Brown

Ana deCarvalho (Cancer Biology, translational brain tumor research)

James Ewing

Ian Y. Lee

Tavarekere Nagaraja (Glioma vascular physiology; Brain-Tumor barrier)

Michigan State University

Eran Andrecheck