Timothy Scholl

Scholl Name: Timothy Scholl
Areas of Expertise:

Position: Assistant Professor
Affiliation: Medical Biophysics, Western University

Position: Scientist
Affiliation: Robarts Research Institute, Western University

E-mail: tscholl@robarts.ca

Website: www.imaging.robarts.ca/scholl/


Brief Description of Research:
Dr. Timothy Scholl is an Assistant Professor of Medical Biophysics at Western University, with cross appointments in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.  He is a Scientist at the Robarts Research Institute and an Investigator with the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, where he is the Co-Director of the Translational Imaging Research Facility 3.0-Tesla MRI. His research program is focused on development of novel cellular, molecular and metabolic MRI assays and their application to cancer diagnosis, tumour characterization, stratification of treatment and treatment response.

Dr. Scholl is an expert in multinuclear (non-proton) MRI. He established the Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Laboratory at the Robarts Research Institute for metabolic imaging of hyperpolarized 13C compounds. He has used this technology to study the metabolism of pyruvate in glioma and the pH of its extracellular environment in order to establish imaging biomarkers for assessment of early treatment response. Early and accurate assessment of therapeutic response is highly desirable in glioma to 1) evaluate novel treatments, 2) prompt alternative or salvage therapies or 3) improve end-of-life care.


5 Select Publications (trainees underlined):
Lim H, Albatany H, Martínez-Santiesteban F, Bartha R and Scholl TJ, Longitudinal Measurements of Intra- and Extracellular pH Gradient in a Rat Model of Glioma. Tomography, 2018. 4, (2): 46-54.

Le TNT, Lim H, Hamilton AM, Parkins KM, Chen Y, Scholl TJ and Ronald JA, Characterization of an Orthotopic Rat Model of Glioblastoma Using Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Bioluminescence Imaging. Tomography, 4(2) :55-65.

Araya YT, Martínez-Santiesteban F, Handler WB, Harris CT, Chronik BA, Scholl TJ, Nuclear magnetic relaxation dispersion of murine tissue for development of T1 (R1) dispersion contrast imaging. NMR in Biomedicine, 2017. 30(12): p. e3789.

Farag A, Peterson J, Szekeres T, Bauman G, Chin J, Romagnoli C, Bartha R, Scholl TJ, Unshielded Asymmetric Transmit-Only and Endorectal Receive-Only RF Coil for 23Na MRI of the Prostate at 3 Tesla. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 42(2): p. 436-45.

Lim H, Thind K, Alejski A, Martínez F, Scholl TJ, Construction and Evaluation of a Switch-Tuned 13C – 1H Birdcage Radiofrequency Coil for Imaging the Metabolism of Hyperpolarized 13C-Enriched Compounds. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2014. 40(5): p. 1082-1090.