Stem Cell Core

A recent specialized area of cancer care is the discovery that many cancers have a population of cells that are the driving population and resemble normal stem cells that exist in our bodies. This population of cells is the most drug resistant and can drive relapse to occur. We are adopting new cutting edge methods to isolate these cells from different types of cancers to learn how to target them with therapies and how to detect them from human tissues.

Lead Investigators
  • Dr. Lisa A. Porter, Biological Sciences, University of Windsor
  • Dr. Phillip Karpowicz, Biological Sciences, University of Windsor
Equipment Available
  • We currently have equipment to grow, preserve and study adult cancer stem cells. These populations of cells are the dangerous population that cause a cancer to recur following treatment. Our current equipment are incubators and environmental chambers required to keep these cells growing as if in a tumour.
Core Needs
  • Incucyte – in glove box with microscope set up