Post Treatment and Recovery Core

Quality of life issues are addressed at our Post Treatment/Recovery Core.

Lead Investigators
  • Dr. Matthew Krause, Kinesiology, University of Windsor
  • Dr. Cheri McGowan, Kinesiology, University of Windsor
Equipment Available
  • Leica 1860CM Cryostat. Used to process tissue samples for examination by microscope.
  • Nikon Eclipse 90i Microscope. Examination of tissue via histological techniques.
  • Rodent Treadmill. Used for exercise training of rodents.
  • Treadmill and exercise bike (for humans!).
  • Indirect Calorimetry equipment. Measure volume of O2 and CO2 during rest or exercise in people. Helps us assess several metabolic parameters in people during acute exercise or in response to exercise training.
  • Motorized Dynamometer. Used for assessing muscle function in people.
Core Needs
  • For rodent studies:
    • Electrical stimulator and force transducer – to stimulate muscle and measure force production
    • Tissue bath – excised muscle groups will be kept healthy in the tissue bath while undergoing force measurement protocol
    • Metabolic chamber for rodents – to evaluate metabolic health of animals undergoing experimental cachexia and treatment
    • Cell culture biosafety cabinet and cell incubators – to culture cells from animal models.
    • Tissue dissection hood – to allow for sterile dissection of tissues from animal models
  • Dissection microscope – to improve accuracy of surgeries/dissection on animal models
  • Cardiac imaging and interpretation