Personalized Cancer Care

This research cluster focuses on emerging technologies in genomics, epigenomics, proteomics, nanotechnology, molecular diagnostics and imaging that are changing the way we approach the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. There is a growing need to transform from a reactive, one-size-fits all approach to a more personalized system of predictive, preventive, and precision healthcare that is tailored to a population or an individual

The overall goal is to enhance health outcomes through patient stratification approaches by integrating evidence-based medicine and precision diagnostics into clinical practice. We aim to move these new approaches to point of care, to ensure greater quality, accountability, and accessibility of care (adapted from the CIHR Focused Topics)


Name Primary Affiliation Role
John Agapito Windsor Regional Hospital, Cancer Centre Medical Physicist
Danieli Arbex University of Windsor, Academic Integrity Office Academic Integrity Officer
Raj Atikukke ITOS Oncology CTO
Robert Bellis Windsor Regional Hospital, Radiation Oncology Radiation Therapist [M.R.T.(T)]
Veronica Bryksa Erie St. Clair Regional Cancer Program, WRH Cancer Program, Genetics Genetic Counsellor
Jeff Casey WCRG Advisory Member
Jane Coulter Windsor Regional Hospital, Clinical Trials Sr. Clinical Research Associate
Michael Dufresne WECCCF Research Consultant, S4H Grants Program Administrator
Tempest Dyett Windsor Regional Hospital, Cancer Centre Clerk
Laurie Freeman-Gibb University of Windsor, Nursing Assistant Professor
James Green University of Windsor, Chemistry and Biochemistry/Science Professor
Kristen Gyetvai Windsor Regional Hospital, Surgery Dr.
John Hudson University of Windsor, Biological Sciences/Science Associate Professor
Sindu Kanjeekal Windsor Regional Hospital, Medical Oncology Hematologist & Medical Oncologist
Amin Kay Windsor Regional Hospital, Medical Oncology Medical Oncologist
Swati Kulkarni Windsor Regional Hospital, Medical Oncology Medical Oncologist
Elena Maeva University of Windsor, Physics Doctor, Professor
Siobhan Ozard Windsor Regional Hospital, Medical Physics Dr.
Lisa Porter University of Windsor, Biology/Science Associate Professor
Jeff Richer Windsor Regional Hospital, Cancer Centre Director
Pam Ross Windsor Regional Hospital, Cancer Program, Systemic Therapy RN
Luis Rueda University of Windsor, School of Computer Science Professor
Wassim Saad Windsor Regional Hospital, Medicine Physician
Daad Sayegh Naom Medicine Professional Corporation Researcher
Elizabeth Skeates Windsor Regional Hospital, Radiation Oncology Primary Care RN CON(C)
Joseph Sobol Windsor Regional Hospital, Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacist
Richard Stapleford Windsor Regional Hospital, Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Chief
Keith Franklin Stringer University of Cincinnati (Pathology) & University of Windsor (Biology) Pathologist, Asst. Professor (Grad Stud. @ Windsor)
Indryas Woldie Windsor Regional Hospital, Hematology Oncology MD